2023 Edition

Yours l33t-favourite hacking conference!


TumpiCon is a priv8 invite-only hacking conference. The conference is free but has some strict rules:

  1. Only invited people can join the conference.
    You can get an invitation either: from the organizers (info@tumpicon.org), from an invitee, by presenting a talk (cfp@tumpicon.org).
  2. Invited people can invite up to 1 friend by sending a recommendation to the organizers that will grant (or deny) access.
  3. Some talks may not be public. Never discuss their content outside TumpiCon.
  4. No video of the talks. No photos unless if explicitly allowed by everyone in the picture.
  5. In general, Leave no Trace and No-Geotagging rules applies to every location of the event.
  6. The conference is anti-racist, anti-fascist, and anti-sexist.


16th & 17th of June, 2023


Tumpi - Pinerolo (TO) Italy.
Closest airports:

The exact event location will be shared last minute with invited people only.


The scheduling will be announced late.